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5 Less Obvious Reasons You're in Chronic Pain

It may sound odd, but sometimes pain is a good thing. It’s a healthy, normal response and one of the best ways your body communicates with you. However, pain isn’t meant to last. 

Many people, however, find themselves struggling with pain that persists over six months. In addition to the physical symptoms, this chronic pain can be frustrating because the source isn’t always clear. 

That’s where we come in. Our experts at Nebben Physical Medicine in Clarksville, Tennessee, have seen chronic pain from all angles, so we know where to look when the root cause is elusive. 

But before you see us for a pain therapy consultation, read through these less obvious causes of chronic pain to see if you can narrow down the origin of your symptoms. 

1. You have bad posture

Poor posture is a silent killer that can affect many areas of your health. It’s one of the main culprits behind chronic pain. In addition to chronic pain, you can experience:

If your spine, hips, and other skeletal structures are out of alignment, chronic pain often results. In addition to advanced treatments, we can coach you on how to straighten up and start feeling better. 

2. You’re overweight

When you’re carrying more weight than you should, your muscles and bones feel the effects. They must bear a greater burden than they should, and aches and pains that won’t go away often follow. 

We know that chronic pain is a whole-health issue, so we work with you to achieve a healthy weight to take the pressure off your body. 

3. You’re getting older

You’ve always been healthy and in shape — so why are you struggling with chronic pain now? The sad truth: Even the healthiest among us can’t completely avoid the complications of aging. As the years go by, your bones and muscles weaken and can succumb to wear-and-tear. 

We recommend our senior patients stick to a balanced diet and exercise program to keep their bodies strong and active. A sedentary lifestyle as a senior is the shortest route to increased pain and chronic conditions. 

4. You’re using poor form

From moms lifting toddlers to gym rats lifting weights, everyone needs to use proper form when they pick up something (or someone). If you stand, bend, or twist awkwardly when holding or moving heavy objects, you could injure your body without realizing it. 

5. There’s no obvious reason

Sometimes, pain doesn’t have an obvious explanation. That’s definitely true for folks with conditions like fibromyalgia, which has no apparent cause. It’s also possible that your chronic pain is linked to a mental health issue rather than a physical one. 

If you fall into this category, don’t worry. We provide a wide range of treatments and therapies to address even the most mysterious causes of chronic pain.

Treatment options for chronic pain

At Nebben Physical Medicine, we know how complex chronic pain can be. So we begin at the beginning, evaluating everything from your family’s medical history to your current symptoms. From there, we design a multifaceted pain management plan that can include :

If you’re struggling with neck, back, or joint issues, headaches or migraines, arthritis, nerve damage, cancer, or post-op woes, we have the services and the expertise to relieve your pain. 

Call our friendly staff or use our online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

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