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Do Weight Loss Right This Year with Medical Support

Do Weight Loss Right This Year with Medical Support

The start of a new year is the perfect time to start on a journey toward a new you. For most people, that means setting goals to eat healthier, exercise more, and lose unwanted weight. 

Every year, 50% of people set off to accomplish these New Year’s resolutions, but by February, 80% have given up. We don’t want you to become part of that statistic. 

Here at Nebben Physical Medicine in Clarksville, Tennessee, our team of experts offers a medical weight loss program that can help make your resolutions a reality. Here’s a closer look at how it works:

The basics of medical weight loss

In the past, you’ve maybe tried fad diets, strenuous exercise programs, and other over-the-top strategies to shed stubborn weight. But that’s not how we do weight loss around here. 

Medically supported weight loss comes with our full lineup of weight loss services as well as a team of experts by your side to guide you along the path to weight loss. As you lose weight with us, you should see benefits in several areas, including:

Above all, your weight loss journey should leave you with more confidence and an improved quality of life. 

What you can expect from medical weight loss 

Before we custom design your weight loss program, we conduct a thorough review of your medical history and screen you for underlying health conditions, such as a thyroid issue, that may affect your ability to lose weight.

Then, based on your needs and goals, we recommend some combination of the following weight loss services:

Coaching and support

The place we start when helping you lose weight is a review of your habits. We take a closer look at your dietary patterns and other areas of your life, including your stress levels and sleeping habits.

To support lifestyle and nutritional changes, we often recommend:

All these simple adjustments can add up to long-term weight loss results. 

Invisa-RED™ treatment

This revolutionary technology involves delivering infrared light into your fat tissue to stimulate fat burning, as well as cellulite reduction. It also works to sculpt your body, promote healthy circulation, boost collagen production, and support cellular respiration. 

Whole-body vibration

Sometimes, you simply need a little help burning extra calories. That’s where whole-body vibration comes in. 

During your session, you stand or sit on a machine connected to a vibrating platform. The machine delivers vibration energy throughout your body, triggering muscle contractions that burn calories and fat and help improve physical fitness and strength. 

Don’t let another year go by hoping you’ll lose weight. Take charge of your health today and request an appointment online or over the phone at Nebben Physical Medicine.

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