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Help! I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

All over the country, people are trying to lose weight. In fact, about half of the US population is in the fight to lower the number on the scale. But whether you’re looking to tone up or you're working to completely overhaul your health, losing weight can be a struggle.

That’s where our team of experts comes in. 

At Nebben Physical Medicine, we know just how difficult it is to lose weight and get healthy, so we offer a wide range of weight loss methods and work closely with you to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely. 

Here’s everything you need to know about our medically supervised weight loss program.

Why let us help you lose weight?

No matter where you are on your weight loss journey, chances are you’ve already run into some roadblocks. That’s because your struggle to lose weight often has nothing to do with how many calories you cut or how much exercise you get but rather an underlying health problem.

When you choose our medically supervised weight loss program, you get a complete insight into your health. We review your medical history and conduct blood and imaging tests to see if you have a health condition, such as a thyroid problem, that’s hindering your weight loss. 

Once we have a better understanding of your health, we tailor your weight loss program to fit your exact needs. Our plans never rely on fad diets, outrageous workouts, or miracle pills. 

Instead, we use proven methods that effectively aid healthy weight loss and that work best for you and your lifestyle. 

What’s included in our medical weight loss program?

No two people lose weight the same way, so we use our full menu of weight loss methods and customize your plan. Here’s a closer look at the methods we recommend most often. 

Lifestyle management counseling

When it comes to weight loss, your lifestyle can have a significant impact. Through our lifestyle management counseling and guidance, you discover the routines that help you not only lose weight but boost your overall health as well. 

For example, we guide you through stress management techniques, assist with sleeping problems, and suggest manageable fitness programs. 

Making these small but important adjustments make you feel better inside and out and give you more energy — all things that are crucial to healthy weight loss. 

Diet coaching

Consuming the right amount of food and the necessary nutrients is essential to achieving your weight loss goals. 

We start by educating you on proper nutrition and dietary patterns before recommending personalized meals and menu plans. We can also suggest supplements to fill the gaps in your nutrition and curb your appetite. 

With our diet coaching, you find that cutting calories and eating healthier can taste good and satisfy your hunger. 

Invisa-RED™ treatment

If you need a push over the finish line or you want a bit of help getting started, Invisa-RED treatments might be right for you. 

This advanced weight loss method uses the power of infrared light to safely eliminate unwanted fat tissue and reduce cellulite. The light energy penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, creating heat that kicks your body into fat-burning mode.

Invisa-RED treatments also stimulate blood flow, collagen production, and cellular respiration, which produce a variety of health benefits and tone your body. 

Whole-body vibrations

When you need a little help burning calories, we recommend whole-body vibrations. All you have to do is stand or sit on a machine with a vibrating platform. The machine vibrations cause your muscles to contract, which triggers fat and calorie burning and builds strength. 

Don’t spend another day spinning your wheels and hoping that the number on the scale will change. To start working toward real, lasting weight loss today, call us at our Clarksville, Tennessee, office or make your appointment online

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