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How to Navigate the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

The holiday season is known for its decadent parties and feasts filled with high-calorie meals and snacks. In fact, the days and weeks between Thanksgiving and the end of the year are often called “national eating season” because of all the extra calories people consume. 

When you’re trying to lose weight, you might feel stuck between spending time with loved ones and staying on track.

At Nebben Physical Medicine in Clarksville, Tennessee, Dr. John Bassell and our team of medical professionals believe you don’t have to choose between delighting in the holiday spirit and achieving your weight loss goals. 

We’re giving you our best advice when it comes to navigating the holiday season and maintaining your weight. 

Eat smart

It’s likely that many of your holiday traditions and gatherings with friends and family revolve around food. The good news is that there are a few ways you can avoid the high-calorie goodies without having to RSVP no. 

For example, you can:

Another trick is to use a napkin when helping yourself to snacks at a party. If you use a plate, you can easily forget about portion control. 

Party smart

Once you enter a party, temptations surround you. That’s why it’s important that you pick your location wisely. 

Start mingling and circulating through the room right away. Avoid lingering by the snack table lest you graze on goodies for hours. 

Increase your exercise

No matter how smart you are, you’ll undoubtedly eat more calories than usual during the holidays. When you do indulge, you need to offset it with increased physical activity. 

Burning an extra 1,000 calories through exercise every week can help you lose or at least avoid gaining nearly 3 pounds.

You likely have some time off coming up, so try to incorporate exercise into your family activities. If you’re stuck at the office, consider bringing a pair of sneakers and lacing up for a walk over your lunch hour. Any bit of exercise you get during this time goes a long way. 

Have a plan

Losing weight under normal circumstances is difficult, but adding in the temptations of the holiday season can make it even more of a challenge. That’s why you need to have a plan to keep yourself accountable. 

Start a food diary or join a support group to make sure you’re hitting your weight loss milestones. 

Get medical support

There’s no substitute for Dr. Bassell’s expertise when it comes to losing weight. He offers a comprehensive medical weight loss program that helps you navigate the holidays. 

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Bassell may recommend:

These treatments, coupled with Dr. Bassell’s guidance, can keep you on track even when faced with the greatest temptations. 

Don’t put off your weight loss goal until next year. Let us help you take on the challenge of losing weight during the holidays. Call us at 931-313-3843 or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment. 

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