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Is Regenerative Medicine Right for Me?

Chronic pain is a serious problem in the United States. An estimated 50 million American adults — roughly 20% of the adult population — have lived with painful symptoms most days or every day for at least six months.

Many of those with chronic pain find that traditional treatments and therapies aren’t enough to relieve their symptoms. Some turn to prescription pain medication, which can be dangerously addictive. 

If you don’t know all of the pain management options available, you too might find yourself stuck in a cycle of pain and failed attempts at relief. That’s where our experts come in. 

At Nebben Physical Medicine in Clarksville, Tennessee, our team led by Dr. John Bassell understands how frustrating the journey to pain relief can be. We specialize in matching you with the therapies that deliver genuine, lasting freedom from your symptoms. 

Here’s a closer look at one of our most advanced pain management approaches: regenerative medicine

A review of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine refers to the use of the body’s natural healing capabilities to help regenerate cells to repair damaged tissues and relieve pain. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP is quickly growing in popularity as both a cosmetic and physical health therapy. It involves injecting your body with the growth factors found in your own blood to speed up the healing process in the damaged areas of your body. 

To extract these growth factors, we take a sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge. This machine spins your sample at high speed to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other parts of your blood. 

We prepare the solution and then inject it into the painful areas of your body. The PRP works to accelerate healing and promote cell regeneration. Because PRP comes from your own body, there’s virtually no risk of a negative response. 

Who can benefit from regenerative medicine?

The best thing about regenerative medicine is its versatility. We recommend PRP for a wide variety of health and pain conditions and we work closely with you to determine which is right for you. 

Here are a few common reasons we may recommend regenerative medicine. 

Injury recovery

Whether you’re an athlete sidelined by a muscle or joint issue, you’ve been in a car accident, or you’ve experienced some other type of trauma, living with an injury can be painful and frustrating. Regenerative medicine offers a natural way to help your body heal quickly.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain has many causes. It might stem from joint damage and arthritis, widespread inflammation, or a condition that’s impacting your neck, shoulders, back, hips, or knees. 

No matter where your pain originates, regenerative medicine can maximize your body’s natural healing processes and help you find relief. 

Treatment goals

Many of our patients ask us about regenerative medicine because they’re looking for an alternative to prescriptions, surgery, and lengthy recoveries. We prioritize finding the right pain management therapy for you while meeting your other health and wellness goals.

If you’d like more information or are curious to see if you’re a candidate for regenerative medicine, call our office or request an appointment online today. 

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