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My Joints Ache All the Time

Are your joints creaking like an old flight of stairs? Have you given up some of your favorite activities because of excruciating joint pain? You’re not alone. Approximately one-third of adults report joint pain in any given month. 

Many of those individuals living with joint pain suffer through their symptoms or turn to aggressive measures like surgery to find relief. 

At Nebben Physical Medicine, we think there’s a better way. 

Our team of experts led by Dr. John Bassell specializes in diagnosing and treating joint pain. Here’s a deeper dive into this common pain condition to help you find a minimally invasive treatment that works for you. 

A closer look at your joints

Your joints — all 360 of them — come equipped with some basic structures. Each one contains:

These components are responsible for stabilizing and cushioning the bones that meet inside the joint. Your knees have an extra curved part of cartilage called a meniscus for added support. 

Different types of joints allow for different types of movement: 

If you didn't have these powerful, complex joints, your skeleton would be inflexible and you wouldn’t be able to perform even the most basic activities. But despite their built-in support and cushioning systems, joints can still become extremely painful. 

Causes of joint pain

You may not realize it, but your joints are always working, moving, or bearing weight. And because they never have a day off, your joints are vulnerable to a wide range of pain conditions. 

Arthritis, namely osteoarthritis, is the most common cause of joint pain. It occurs when the cartilage in your joints wears down over time and your bones rub against each other painfully. 

Rheumatoid arthritis is the result of an autoimmune condition where your body mistakenly attacks healthy cells in your joints. Other conditions that cause joint pain include:

No matter what’s behind your joint pain, we have comprehensive treatments to help you find relief. 

Joint pain treatments

At Nebben Physical Medicine, we take a holistic, integrative approach to joint pain. That means our first instinct isn’t to prescribe medication or recommend surgery. Instead, we take into account your overall health and create a customized treatment plan.

Treatments and therapies we recommend most often include:

It’s our mission to help you find relief from joint pain quickly and conservatively so you don’t have to sacrifice your other health and wellness goals. 

Supporting your joints

Beyond our menu of effective treatments, we also want to educate you on some simple lifestyle adjustments that support healthy joints. Depending on your needs, we may recommend you:

If you want to learn more about how to treat your joint pain and promote joint health, request an appointment at our Clarksville, Tennessee, office today. Call or use our online booking tool.

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