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Struggling with Neuropathic Pain? Try Electric Cell Signal Treatment (EcST)

Struggling with Neuropathic Pain? Try Electric Cell Signal Treatment (EcST)

You’ve tried it all: medications, physical therapy, even canes and walkers. We understand if you’re tired of searching for pain relief and ready to throw in the towel. But we have a trick up our sleeves. 

Here at Nebben Physical Medicine in Clarksville, Tennessee, our team of pain specialists walks you through the basics of electric cell signal treatment (EcST), a less well-known but incredibly advanced neuropathy treatment. It could be just the pain solution you need. 

Understanding neuropathy

Neuropathy (sometimes referred to as peripheral neuropathy) affects millions of people worldwide. It stems from damage or dysfunction in the peripheral nervous system, resulting in sensations of burning, tingling, and shooting pain. 

Anyone can develop neuropathy and experience neuropathic pain, but you're most at risk if you have a health problem that affects your nervous system, including:

Neuropathy often results from alcohol addiction, exposure to toxins, certain medications, traumatic injuries, and even vitamin deficiencies.

Unfortunately, traditional treatments for neuropathic pain, such as medications and physical therapy, don’t always provide adequate relief. If your current treatment regimen still leaves you in constant discomfort, you may find hope in EcST.

A closer look at EcST

Electric cell signal treatment is a noninvasive approach to pain that uses electric fields to stimulate nerve cells and promote healing.

During your EcST treatment, we place electrodes on your skin near the painful area. The electrodes emit low-frequency electric fields that penetrate your skin and stimulate nerve cells. Ultimately, this reduces pain and inflammation.

Since EcST isn’t a drug, it doesn’t come with the same risks and side effects as pain medication, making it an attractive option if you can't take medicine or want to avoid it.

Another benefit is that electric cell signal treatment addresses several neuropathic pain conditions, including diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and chronic regional pain syndrome.

At Nebben Physical Medicine, we personalize your EcST treatment based on your unique needs and the severity of your pain — no two plans are alike. EcST is safe and effective, and most people tolerate it well and report significant improvement.

Note that EcST isn’t suitable for everyone. For example, you may be ineligible for electric cell signal treatment if you have a pacemaker or metal implants. 

If you’re struggling with neuropathic pain, it may be worth discussing EcST with us to determine whether it’s a suitable treatment option. Call our office or use the online booking feature to schedule your appointment today.

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