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Which Treatment Solution Is Best for Your Chronic Joint Pain?

Joint pain is a growing problem in our country. The CDC says that nearly 15 million people battle chronic joint pain, and that number continues to grow. Unfortunately, many of these individuals accept chronic joint pain as a part of life or struggle to find the right treatment.

Dr. John Bassell and our experienced team at Nebben Physical Medicine in Clarksville, Tennessee, know that finding the solution to your chronic joint pain can be just as frustrating as the pain itself. We’re dedicated to helping you get the right treatment for your chronic joint pain.

Why do you have chronic joint pain?

Without an accurate diagnosis, it’s difficult to get genuine pain relief. That’s why our first step in creating your treatment plan is identifying the exact cause of your chronic joint pain. 

We conduct a variety of physical exams and imaging tests as well as review your medical history and symptoms to discover what’s behind your joint pain. For most of our patients, the answer is arthritis, but there are other common causes of chronic joint pain, including: 

Chronic joint pain can attack virtually any joint in your body, from your shoulders to your knees, and symptoms can range from mild to severe. You might also experience other symptoms, like a limited range of motion and severe inflammation. 

How can we treat your chronic joint pain?

Our main goal is to treat your pain as conservatively as possible using holistic and integrative solutions and therapies. We offer a wide variety of treatments and can use them as stand-alone approaches or combined with others to ensure that you get the best results. 

Treatment options we employ most often include: 

Physical therapy

From arthritis pain to injury recovery, physical therapy is one of the best treatments for chronic joint pain. We guide you through exercises that strengthen and stretch your joints, which accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, improves mobility, and ultimately relieves your pain. 

Physical therapy is a conservative treatment that can be easily tailored to fit your exact needs and is a great option for almost any cause of chronic joint pain. 

Chiropractic care

We use manual manipulations and hand-held instruments to carefully and strategically increase circulation and promote tissue healing in your joints. 

Chiropractic care isn’t for everyone. If you have severe inflammation or infection in your joints, we may recommend a different treatment option as manipulation can result in more damage. 


This is one of the best treatments for chronic joint pain, especially if you’re recovering from an injury. Often, all your joint needs to heal is external support from a brace. What’s more, bracing works seamlessly with other chronic joint pain treatments. 

Joint injections

If your joint pain stems from tissue damage or significant inflammation like that caused by arthritis, then joint injections might be right for you. 

One of our most popular joint injections, Supartz FX®, contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, which cushions your joints and relieves pain. 

Our other injections contain powerful steroids that effectively reduce inflammation in your joints, which not only relieves your pain but improves mobility. 

K-Laser treatment

This is another treatment that relieves your chronic joint pain by reducing inflammation and restoring damaged tissue. K-Laser treatment uses the power of laser energy to target injured and inflamed tissues in your joints. 

The heat from the lasers stimulates your body’s natural healing process, helping to rebuild new, healthier tissue and reduce painful symptoms. 

Regenerative medicine

We offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. This type of regenerative medicine uses naturally sourced cells to help rebuild your damaged, painful joints.

Regenerative medicine is likely an option for you if your chronic joint pain stems from arthritis, joint damage, or injury. 

Weight loss

In addition to our comprehensive pain management treatments, we also offer our patients weight loss support. Losing weight helps take pressure off your joints, which can significantly relieve your chronic joint pain. 

We help you manage your weight using a variety of medically supervised techniques, including:

No matter what’s causing your chronic joint pain, weight loss is likely to help. 

If you’d like more information about treating your chronic joint pain, call our office or request an appointment online to get started today. 

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