Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy disorders occurs when peripheral nerves, those not part of the central nervous system are injured. It typically occurs in the legs, feet, shoulders, arms and hands. People often suffer weakness, cramping, muscle spasms, or lack of coordination in the affected limb or extremity. If the damage is to the part of the nerve that transmits sensory signals, the sufferer may also experience numbness, tingling, shooting pain, burning sensation, sensation of electric shock and sensitivity touch.

The first step to effective treatment of peripheral neuropathy is identifying the damaged or compressed nerve and locating the source of injury. This type of nerve damage can have any of a number of different causes, including trauma, chemical injury, and illness. One of the most common causes is diabetes which mostly affects feet and hands. Elevated blood sugar can be toxic to the peripheral nerves and can affect circulation. Once properly diagnosed, the medical team will create a customized treatment plan to treat your specific symptoms and condition.

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